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Bedroom: Your Private Kingdom

Bedrooms are very close to one's heart, as after a long tiring day, it is one place you come home to.

From the personal belongings to the restful environment, it has it all. A bedroom serves psychologically to a large extent, by giving a sense of security and comfort. This kingdom space gives you the luxury of refreshing bed-tea and sometimes a relaxed breakfast. This is the place where you hangout with your buddies, with a box full of talks and sometimes sit quietly near the window, just to enjoy the calmness that you may get nowhere. In this kingdom of yours you have a freedom to play loud rock music or read a romantic novel resting your head on the pillows. This royal experience lives in a royal bedroom. Make a space with the essence of royalty by giving a luxurious touch to each element present inside. Whether it's a cozy bed-attire or the layered curtains, a true nudge of opulence comes with comfort. Glamorous lighting, chivalrous artifacts, warm head-rest, skilfully crafted furniture and fanciable curtains can all serve as perfect ingredients for a grand bedroom. Detached from the worldly chaos, a bedroom is your peaceful sanctuary, you look upto everyday and therefore it should be designed for a never-ending fascination. Your bedroom is a direct reflection of your personality. After investing money and ideas into an interior, it is only the experience that speaks about the excellence.

Lorraine bedding by Anna Simona

Rose Quartz: The 2016 secret of a serene Bedroom

Thinking of a color makeover for your bedroom?

Update your favourite list of color schemes with the Pantone color of the year 2016- the warm and embracing- Rose Quartz. The color of comfort that comes with a statement of simple yet modern styling that offers a visual appeal to the eye. Give the finishing touches by combining Rose quartz with frosty grays or deep purples. You can make more engaging combos by adding it with other mid-tones along with a dash of sparkle added by incorporating silver or hot brights. These feminine, romantic tones will give you the feel of serenity and draws inspiration from soft textures like powdery snow and cashmere sweaters. In the world of competition and a truck full of stress, you find your bedroom the most comfortable place on the earth and employing rose quartz for the aesthetics of your bedroom, adds up to the comforting accessory kit, providing you the warmth of tranquility and solace. Minimal and sophisticated rose quartz has a gentle charm and is all set to rock the season being the hottest color trend across globe. Add a splash of this latest bucket of hue which proves to add up a luxury quotient to your dearest bedroom. Give this beautiful and welcoming pink tone, a go and see how it brightens up the overall rendition of the most important space of your room.

With love and care, Treat your bed right; Different in the day & Different during Night

The space of your home where your personal choices and styles override the latest fashionable trends is the most favourite area of your home.

your dearest bedroom. The cleverly creative owners keep updating their bedroom style as they know it is one place where you spend about 1/3rd of your lives. The idea of experimenting with new concepts will always be constant in the hearts of people who love their bedroom; they know how to maintain a balance between innovation and personal customization. Bringing to your notice a good news that no longer will the basic bed sheet and two pillows do the job, take style tips and creative inspirations from us and make your favourite bedroom a spot to relish. Introducing the concept of Day and Night set to dress-up the most essential furniture of your bedroom- your bed, differently at different times.

Ellis- a beautiful example of day bed by Anna Simona

A calm and and relaxed night set by Anna Simona

During day, when your bed is a significant statement of your personal style and has your essence in the way it looks, pick a color/texture/embroidery of your taste and dress it up with bed covers and bed runners matching your interest and love.

When it comes to styling of the pillows, we suggest you to keep one rule in mind that there are no rules for its arrangement. Whether you keep it neat or messy; it will always serve as your personal taste to be admired. The layering of the sheets and covers along with interesting lombards will add a visual interest to your bed and brighten up your day by enhancing your room's interior design. Day set will make your bedroom look more presentable and will fill your day with compliments of this super-amazing makeover during daytime. Transform your bed from stylish to sober during night with a night set by removing the fancy runners and covers and keeping your bed comfortable for yourself to give you a sweet good night sleep.

The novel concept of Day and Night set plays a major role in the lives of aesthetic interior lovers. Become your home designer and explore varieties for bed dressing from decorative euro-shams to embroidered bed-spreads and create interesting ensemble for your bed.