Wash Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity and optimal condition of your AnnaSimona Kids products, please adhere to these essential care guidelines:

  • Avoid Bleaching: Refrain from using bleach, as it can compromise the vibrancy of colors and the integrity of delicate fabrics.

  • Line Drying: For best results, air-dry your items by hanging them on a line. This method helps maintain their shape and quality.

  • No Dry Cleaning: Please do not subject our products to dry cleaning, as the chemicals used can adversely affect their natural fibers and charming patterns.

  • Cold Wash: Always opt for cold water when washing, as hot water can weaken the fabric's structure and potentially alter colors.

  • Medium Iron: If necessary, iron your items using a medium-heat setting to preserve their pristine appearance and softness.

  • Tumble Dry: While we recommend line drying, you can use a low-heat tumble drying setting if needed.

  • Separate Dark Colors: To prevent color transfer, remember to wash dark-colored items separately from lighter ones